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Hi 😊 I'm Helen and I studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the KIT from 2013 to 2020 with a focus on Logistics and Machine Learning. Subsequently, I was a Consultant and Software Engineer for 1,5 years. Since July 2022, I am a research scientist as part of the research group Applied Technical Cognitive Systems (ATKS). My focus is on capturing and enhancing user experience in autonomous vehicles. 🚗

Open Hiwi Positions

📱 App-Developer using Flutter

  • Emoji-App to give direct feedback during ride with autonomous vehicle
  • App to connect a Fitbit to and collect heartrate-data during ride with autonomous vehicle

🐍 Machine Learning Developer using Python

  • Evaluate collected feedback and heartrate-data during ride with autonomous vehicle
  • Automated emotion recognition using cameras in autonomous vehicles

If you are interested in a Hiwi position in one of these fields, just send me an e-mail with your CV, your grades, and two sentences, why you are interested in the position.


  • Übungsleitung Programmieren: Java seit WS 22/23
  • Übungsleitung Programmierung kommerzieller Systeme - Anwendungen in Netzen mit Java seit SS 23
  • Seminar Programmieren 3: Roboterprogrammierung und KI
  • Praktikum Teamprojekt Softwareentwicklung

Deep Learning, Trustworthy AI

KIT Funktionen und Kompetenzfelder

Funktion: Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Cognition and Information Engineering
Mobile Systems and Mobility Engineering
Interaction of Science and Technology with Society