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The research group "Web Science," headed by Dr. Färber, deals with data science and web science. The focus is on the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) methods. This includes the semantic representation of knowledge through knowledge graphs, machine learning (e.g. for search and recommendation systems), and the processing of natural language.

The methods are primarily developed and used to support digitization in companies through intelligent systems. One example of this is the quick and easy integration of sensor data streams in Industry 4.0 applications. But also the support of scientists, the implementation of the FAIR principles and the further development of science communication in general are the focus. Examples of this are recommendation systems for scientific publications, data sets and methods, as well as methods for scientific impact quantification. Methods for assisting mediators in peacemaking are also increasingly being considered.

The methods are tested in practice together with industrial partners in research projects. The research group works closely with the Information Process Engineering research division of the FZI Research Center for Computer Science (FZI). Furthermore, the research group has numerous connections to national and international research institutions and companies.