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Please note that unsolicited applications for Postdoc or PhD student positions may be sent to the professors of our institute at any time.

PhD-Students / Research Associates

The KIT has long been regarded as a leading center for highly automated driving. The Research Group of Applied Technical Cognitive Systems at the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods (AIFB) at the KIT is concerned with the technologies of applied machine intelligence. Based on fundamental research, new systems such as autonomous service robots, autonomous vehicles or assistance systems with cognitive capabilities are to be realized. The use of these so-called technical-cognitive systems takes place primarily in the context of highly automated, efficient and inter-modal mobility. Who We Are Looking For In order to strengthen our interdisciplinary team, we are looking for graduates (diploma or master) in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering or related fields with excellent academic records to fill several full-time positions. We expect interest in interdisciplinary scientific work, self-motivation and teamwork for active and independent cooperation in research projects and teaching. Very good language skills in either German or English are required. What We Can Offer We offer a first-class environment with diverse, interesting research topics and projects for an accompanying PhD thesis. Due to the close cooperation with the Research Center for Information Technology (FZI) and various research and industry partners we can provide an ideal framework for researching innovative ideas, implementing them in a laboratory environment, testing them and then applying them in practice. Besides bright minds in the field, we have access both to highly developed software stacks as well as modern hardware. Several research vehicles, as well as complex simulators are available to evaluate and validate systems. In addition we test directly on the unique "Test Area for Autonomous Driving Baden-Wuerttemberg" in real-world road traffic. Additional Information The salary is based on the labor agreement of the public service (TV-L) in group E13. The KIT is an equal opportunities employer and therefore welcomes applications from women. In case of suitability, severely handicapped applicants will be preferred. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. Applications with the usual documents should preferably be sent by email to the address below. : Prof. Dr. J. Marius Zöllner : Institut AIFB | Bldg. 05.20 : KIT | Campus South : 76128 Karlsruhe : +49 721 9654 350 : marius zoellner∂kit edu
Research group: Applied Technical Cognitive Systems (J. Marius Zöllner)
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We, the interdisciplinary research group SECUSO (Security - Usability - Society) at the Karlsruhe Institute of TEchnology (KIT), are active in various areas of Human Factors in Security & Privacy. Current topics include cookie banners, authentication on AR/VR glasses, verifiable online voting systems, notification studies, security UI patterns, and explainability of security solutions and guarantees. The candidate will conduct research in the field of Human Factors in Security & Privacy, which is conducting interviews, focus groups, online/laboratory or field studies and publish and present the results at international conferences. In addition to research work, candidates will also be involved in teaching activities and scientific administration, which also includes the organization of events. For our interdisciplinary team we are looking for researchers with a degree in computer science, business informatics, media informatics, industrial engineering, mathematics, communication sciences, psychology, or related areas. Candidates should have attended lectures on security or usability and are interested in the research area Human Factors in Security & Privacy. They should have already gained experience in interdisciplinary work. Programming experience and experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative studies is an advantage. The position is suitable for PhD candidates as well as PostDocs. Salary category 13 TV-L is intended. You can find the job description and the link for the application on the KIT website:
Research group: Security • Usability • Society (Prof. Dr. Melanie Volkamer)
Description: Sorry, no description available!

Die Forschungsgruppe Betriebliche Informationssysteme befasst sich mit Fragestellungen an der Schnittstelle zwischen Software Engineering und Business Process Engineering. In verschiedenen Forschungsschwerpunkten werden Querschnittsthemen wie Digitalisierung, Informationssicherheit und Nachhaltigkeit mit aktuellen Technologien und Anwendungsfeldern verknüpft. Mit Sprachen, Methoden und Werkzeugen der Angewandten Informatik werden Lösungen für aktuelle Herausforderungen von Wirtschaft, Verwaltung und Gesellschaft entwickelt.

Wir suchen eine Mitarbeiterin / einen Mitarbeiter für anstehende Aufgaben in Drittmittelprojekten. Aktuelles Forschungsthema ist die automatisierte Erstellung eines durchsuchbaren Kompetenzpools aus Veröffentlichungen von Forschenden. Nähere Informationen zum Thema sind unter [] zu finden

Weitere Aufgaben sind die Unterstützung von Vorlesungen und die Durchführung von Übungen, Seminaren und Praktika. Die Möglichkeit zur Promotion ist gegeben und wird unterstützt.

Persönliche Qualifikation:
• Sehr guter Abschluss (Master oder vergleichbar) in Informationswirtschaft, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Informatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik oder einem eng verwandten Fach
• Kenntnisse in und Bereitschaft zur Programmierung
• Kenntnisse im Bereich der konzeptuellen Modellierung
• Wünschenswert sind darüber hinaus Kenntnisse in Natural Language Processing, Data Mining oder Ontologien

Bewerbung an:

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Institut für Angewandte Informatik und Formale Beschreibungsverfahren
Prof. Dr. Andreas Oberweis
Geb. 05.20

76128 Karlsruhe
E-Mail: andreas oberweis∂kit edu

Das KIT legt Wert auf die berufliche Gleichstellung von Frauen und Männern. Wir würden uns daher insbesondere über die Bewerbung von Frauen freuen.

Bei entsprechender Eignung werden schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen bevorzugt berücksichtigt.

Research group: Business Information Systems (Gunther Schiefer)
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Student Assistants / Tutors

Research group: Web Science (Shuzhou Yuan)
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Research group: Business Information Systems (Gunther Schiefer)
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Research group: Business Information Systems (Meike Ullrich)
Description: Sorry, no description available!

[[Stellenausschreibung1338/en|We are looking for a student to assist us in improving and conducting the lecture “Knowledge Discovery” and its accompanying exercise (PDF).]]
Research group: Web Science (Tarek Saier)
Description: Link

see PDF
Research group: Web Science (Michael Färber)
Description: Link

We are looking for a student who will assist us in the development of an institute-wide Website, Front-End as well as Back-End development and related research. What are the typical tasks? • Implementing – under our guidance – novel features into our websites and other applications • Creating (small) front-end applications for demonstrations • Applying security patches, SEO techniques, Stability Testing • Semi-regularly updating a website with current and upcoming events • Server monitoring, Code Refactoring. What prerequisites do you need? • You enjoy technical and implementation work on webservers and seeing your work have an impact on a large audience • You have an independent & knowledge-hungry mindset, and feel at ease diving into code to understand interconnections • Some experience among some of the following: HTML, PHP, SQL, Docker, Mediawiki, Bootstrap, Unix-based Systems, Git, SSH, CI/CD • Programming skills (e.g., Python, Java) are also a plus. What do we offer for you? • A contract with 40-80h per month. The salary is 12.36€ per hour (depending on the university degree). The contract can last between 2 and 6 months (option for extension). • Flexible working hours, also working at home possible. • Insight into a diverse technical ecosystem you may learn a lot from. • State-of-the-art research can be performed and will be published e.g. at conferences together with the supervisor. Starting date: As soon as possible. Also later applications (in some months) are welcome. Please send your questions and application (with a short CV and a transcript of records) per email to Kristian Noullet
Research group: Web Science (Kristian Noullet)
Description: Link

Die Forschungsgruppe SECUSO (Security, Usability and Society) gehört zum Institut für Angewandte Informatik und Formale Beschreibungsverfahren (AIFB) an der KIT-Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Im Mittelpunkt unserer Forschung steht der Mensch: wir wollen die menschlichen Faktoren in den Bereichen Sicherheit und Privatsphäre genauer untersuchen. Dabei wollen wir Mechanismen entwickeln, die zum einen die Sicherheit und Privatsphäre der Benutzer adäquat schützen, zum anderen aber auch sehr benutzerfreundlich sind. Darüber hinaus werden Sensibilisierungs- und Schulungsmaßnahmen für diese Thematik entwickelt.

Eine der Forschungsaufgaben von SECUSO ist die Entwicklung von Handlungsempfehlungen für benutzerfreundliche Sicherheits- und Privatsphäre schützende Maßnahmen. Dazu hat SECUSO eigene Tools wie etwa PassSec+ entwickelt. PassSec+ ist eine von SECUSO selbst entwickelte Browser Extension (Add-on), welche den Nutzer vor der Eingabe von sensiblen Daten auf Webseiten in geeigneter Weise warnt, noch bevor er diese eingibt. Dieses Tool soll nach neusten Erkenntnissen und in Vorbereitung zur Evaluation in Nutzerstudien stets weiterentwickelt werden. Dabei brauchen wir Deine Unterstützung!

Research group: Security • Usability • Society (Maxime Veit)
Description: Link