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Semantic MediaWiki Graph

Semantic MediaWiki Graph visualises the structured information of a Semantic MediaWiki in a Force-directed graph

Contact persons: Tobias Weller MediaWiki Graph

Research group: Web Science

Publication date: 20 Dezember 2016


Semantic MediaWiki Graph visualises the structured information of any Wiki page in a Force-directed Graph. The nodes in the graph will have other colors, depending on the type of assigned value (Number, URL, Date, etc.), to identify them in a fast way. A legend in the corner of the graph allows to toggle nodes of the certain node tpyes. The nodes can be rearranged via Drag&Drop. By clicking on a node of type Internal Link will the structured information of this wiki page also visualised in the graph. By clicking on a text of a node of type URL or Internal Link will this page be opened in a new window.

Tobias Weller