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e-Skills Certification in Europe Towards Harmonisation

e-Skills Certification in Europe Towards Harmonisation

Published: 2005 Oktober
Herausgeber: Paul Cunningham and Miriam Cunningham (Eds)
Buchtitel: Innovation and the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studiese
Reihe: Challenges 2005 Proceedings
Verlag: IOS Press
Erscheinungsort: Amsterdam

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e-Skills certification plays a crucial role implementing and promoting high standards among ICT professionals/ practitioners and ICT end users. CEPIS studied on behalf of Cedefop the situation of e-Skills Certification in Europe. The study identified voluntary approaches offered by widely applied e-skills certifications. The operational objective for this study has been the evaluation of issues of e-skills certification at the International and European level by analysing attitudes of stakeholders towards current and future European level activities and highlighting potential solutions and recommendations to perceived problems. Based on the achieved results and outcome of the conducted study, the authors propose and illustrate a possible path towards internationally agreed certifications and recognised qualifications throughout Europe.

ISBN: 1-58603-563-0
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