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SPARTIQULATION: Verbalizing SPARQL queries

SPARTIQULATION: Verbalizing SPARQL queries

Published: 2012 Mai

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Interacting with Linked Data (ILD 2012), Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC)

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Much research has been done to combine the fields of Databases and Natural Language Processing. While many works focus on the problem of deriving a structured query for a given natural language question, the problem of query verbalization - translating a structured query into natural language - is less explored. In this work we describe our approach to verbalizing SPARQL queries in order to create natural language expressions that are readable and understandable by the human day-to-day user. These expressions are helpful when having search engines generate SPARQL queries for user-provided natural language questions or keywords and enable the user to check whether the right question has been understood. While our approach enables verbalization of only a subset of SPARQL 1.1, this subset applies to 85% of the 209 queries in our training set. These observations are based on a corpus of SPARQL queries consisting of datasets from the QALD-1 challenge and the ILD2012 challenge.



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