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Taking the LIDS off Data Silos

Taking the LIDS off Data Silos

Published: 2010

Buchtitel: International Conference on Semantic Systems (I-SEMANTICS)
Verlag: n/a

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LInked Data Services (LIDS) denote the integration of data- providing services and Linked Data. LIDS are parameterised and formally described web resources which return RDF when dereferenced via HTTP. In this paper we present a general method for creating Linked Data Services; LIDS consist of data access interface conventions that are compatible to Linked Data principles and a lightweight formal description model. Our approach is based on established Web standards including HTTP, RDF and SPARQL. Additionally, we announce several LIDS that we have created from existing real-life services, unlocking vast amounts of triples to the Web of Data.

Download: Media:Triplify-2010-ssp-aha-taking-the-lids-off-data-silos.pdf


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