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Introducing new features to Wikipedia - Case studies for Web science

Introducing new features to Wikipedia - Case studies for Web science

Published: 2009 März
Herausgeber: Jim Hendler, Helen Margetts
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Web Sciences WebSci09
Verlag: Web Science Trust
Erscheinungsort: Athens, Greece

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Wikipedia is a free web-based encyclopedia. It is written in collaboration by hundred of thousands of contributors. It runs on the MediaWiki wiki engine. Introducing new features to Wikipedia is never just a technical question, but a complex socio-technical process. Previous introductions of new features (the category system in 2004, parser functions in 2006, and flagged revisions in 2008) are described and analyzed. Based on these experiences, the design of a new feature (creating semantic annotations) is discussed. The interaction between the technical features and the community is shown to be an instantiation of the Web Science research cycle, thus testing the cycle as a methodological tool for web science.

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