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Semantics of Governmental Statistics Data

Semantics of Governmental Statistics Data

Published: 2010 April
Herausgeber: Carl Lagoze and Catherine Pope and Guus Schreiber
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 2nd International Web Science Conference WebSci10
Verlag: -
Erscheinungsort: Railegh, NC, USA

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A number of governments have started to publish their sta- tistical data online. Some of them are adhering to Linked Data principles, others are using other standards which of- ten can be transformed in order to be published as Linked Data. RDF vocabularies, such as SCOVO (Statistical Core Vocabulary) are being used for publishing the data. Many of the current translations of the statistical data are published using simple transformation approaches. The semantics of the statistical data points, such as the real-world concepts they describe, or how they have been derived, is typically not explicit in these transformations. We propose a path towards a collaborative approach for a posteriori explicit sense-making.






Ontologiemanagement, Semantic Web