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Learning across Boundaries: Developments towards a European Framework for ICT Skills

Learning across Boundaries: Developments towards a European Framework for ICT Skills

Published: 2005 Dezember
Herausgeber: IBIMA
Buchtitel: The Internet & Information Technology in Modern Organizations
Reihe: The 5th IBIMA International Conference on Internet & Information Technology in Modern Organizations December 13-15, 2005 Cairo, Egypt
Organisation: IBIMA

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Substantial effort is currently being made by the e-Skills community and involved stakeholders to establish a common European Framework for e-Skills (or more specific ICT Skills) and competences in Europe. ICT skills/competence frameworks are an important prerequisite for ICT competence development and related quality assurance for recognition and transferability of qualifications. The framework aims to provide a common language that allows describing e-Skills by means of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) worker profiles. Though a number of frameworks exist today, mobility of ICT workers and learning across boundaries is being hampered by the observable divergence of the different approaches. It is in this light that the prior objective of the European Commission and Cedefop is to support the developments towards an overarching framework that supports transparency, mobility, and recognition for e-skills and related qualifications; and that will primarily allow learning across boundaries. The authors jointly with Cepis1 have made substantial inputs to the prevailing development process and the work within the CEN/ISSS Workshop ICT Skills.2 The paper presents insights in the related research work undertaken and run investigations.

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