AI in Peacemaking

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AI in Peacemaking - Mediating Machines? Opportunities and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Peacemaking

Kontaktperson: Michael FärberAndreas Hirblinger

Projektstatus: aktiv


In today’s technologized world, efforts to end armed conflict through mediation are increasingly shaped by digital technologies. While peacemaking traditionally has been considered a human-centered activity, negotiations are often supplemented with online activities. Social media has come to change the landscape of conflict, with conflict parties and stakeholders pro-actively using different online platforms to make their voices heard. The digitization of peace processes produces large amounts of data, which cannot be sufficiently analyzed using conventional means. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers opportunities to develop tools that could support mediators and their teams in gathering and analyzing the data produced in the context of peace processes. Although the topic of AI has come to receive increased attention in the field of peace mediation, there is a lack of concrete examples and applications that could bring discussions forward. This project will therefore explore the ways in which AI-applications could be used in peacemaking, while raising important questions about potential challenges these applications might pose. In particular, the research will analyze how AI can support the analysis of arguments and opinions voiced by conflict parties and stakeholders in digital data. To this end, the project builds on recent advances in text-mining of online participation processes.

Involvierte Personen
Michael FärberTaramara MchedlidzeAndreas Hirblinger


von: 1 März 2020
bis: 31 Dezember 2020
Finanzierung: Volkswagen Stiftung


Web Science


AI in Peacemaking (Informationssysteme, Natürliche Sprachverarbeitung, Knowledge Discovery)

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