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We are the Informatics Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business Engineering. Meanwhile, for 37 years.


Teaching at the Institute AIFB is tuned to providing students with the qualifications they will need to successfully deal with the demanding leadership tasks of the worlds of both business and science. This is achieved through in-depth informatics training, tailored to the interdisciplinary economics and engineering programmes of the KIT. Interdisciplinary learning provides students with the benefits of a multiple qualification which is an ideal foundation for their careers.

Students learn to understand highly complex informatics applications, to design them professionally, to assess them with respect to both technical and economic issues, and to use the opportunities provided to promote technical and economic innovations.

We support continuing and executive education by offering courses on informatics topics that are relevant for economy and businesses. In addition, the Institute AIFB is involved in the master programs of the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management at the KIT International Department.


In research, we focus on the development and application of informatics analysis and modelling methods as well as on platforms supporting the design and operation of distributed systems. Visionary research projects are devoted to supporting and improving human competences with intelligent services – e. g. by teaching computers to organize activities on spontaneous markets or to manage employee training autonomously. In the course of the development of the modern, so called social web, we increasingly work on the question of which technical requirements have to be established for a decentralized self-organisation of contents by users and largely autonomous services, in order to tap the full potential of the spatially unlimited collaboration of interest groups. A focus of our research activities at the Institut AIFB is to create reliable, stable, controllable and trustworthy informatics systems that flexibly adapt to their tasks.

The main fields of activity of our research groups are business information and communication systems, efficient algorithms and organic computing, knowledge management and the semantic web, complexity management as well as services computing. Our research and development projects directly influence our teaching. As a result, students are introduced to current research, and our research assistants and PhD students are able to use their knowledge practically. The close cooperation of our research groups with companies of any size actively supports the transfer of knowledge and technology.

In this context four of our six professors are also active at the FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, heading research groups which transfer research results in products, software and systems.