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2020-09-17: New DFG Project to Research Digitization in Health Care (KIT)
2020-09-10: New Article published in the Decision Sciences Journal
2020-09-07: Surveys on privacy in mHealth Apps and the Corona-Warn-App in the PANDIA project
2020-09-02: Congratulations to Jens Lansing for his successful doctoral examination
2020-08-13: Funding for the establishment of the Karlsruhe Decision & Design Experimentation Ecosystem
2020-07-31: New article in JMIR mhealth and uhealth!
2020-07-14: AI meets Distributed Ledger: building marketplaces, sharing data and breaking silos – Interview with Prof. Ali Sunyaev
2020-07-13: cii Research Group at conference "Forum Privatheit" 2020
2020-07-07: Examinations in the Corona Semester 2020
2020-06-29: First Articles Mention the DaWID Project
2020-06-08: GAIA-X publishes new documents on the status quo of the project - The research group CII contributed to the Technical Architecture
2020-06-06: Research group Web Science awarded at ESWC 2020
2020-06-05: Research Group ISE wins Best Poster Paper Award at ESWC 2020
2020-06-03: Faculty Teaching Award 2020 - Prof. Ali Sunyaev receives the teaching award of the KIT Faculty Economics and Management.
2020-06-02: New article published in the journal ACM Computing Surveys!
2020-05-05: New article published in the journal ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems!
2020-05-04: New article published in the journal Electronic Commerce Research!
2020-04-22: Ms. Dr.-Ing. Maribel Acosta took over substitute professorship
2020-04-22: Kick-off of the project BloG3 - Blockchain-based health data management for holistic health profiles
2020-04-09: Exam review summer semester 2020
2020-04-01: New Article Published in the Journal IEEE Access
2020-04-01: We welcome Mr. PD Dr. Steffen Herbold as substitute professor
2020-03-26: PANDIA: “Platform for the analysis of privacy notices of interactive assistance systems in the health care domain—Consumer-centered privacy communication”
2020-03-17: Cii Research Group at the 15th International Business Informatics Congress
2020-03-05: York Sure-Vetter appointed Director of National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)
2020-03-04: Google Faculty Research Award for Prof. Melanie Volkamer
2020-03-04: Hands-On: Experience "Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology" in Our New Seminar
2020-02-26: Project Kick-Off "DaWID: Data-Centered Value Creation"
2020-02-25: New textbook "Internet Computing" published
2020-01-29: Annual report 2019 of the Critical Information Infrastructures research group published
2020-01-28: BIS research group with lecture at the 36c3
2020-01-24: Exam registration until 27.01.2020
2020-01-22: New Article Published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR)
2020-01-21: cii Research Group at the 53rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)
2020-01-07: "AUDITOR" will be further developed into a European data protection certification
2019-12-16: Save the Date: AIK symposium on cyber security will take place at October 23, 2020
2019-12-04: KASTEL certificate now also for industrial engineers and business informatics students
2019-12-03: Prof. Sunyaev Interviewed by it-daily: Trust is good, control is better
2019-11-18: The research group of Prof. Sunyaev participates in the project "GAIA-X" of the BMWi
2019-11-18: New Article Published in the Journal of Strategic Information Systems (JSIS)
2019-11-14: An easy to understand introduction to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology published
2019-11-12: The 35th AIK Symposium „Blockchain - Proof-of-Worth“
2019-10-30: New privacy friendly app: „Active break to go!“
2019-10-25: Election of executive board and board of trustees of AIK e.V.
2019-10-24: Young scientists were reached at the "bunte Nacht der Digitalisierung" in Karlsruhe
2019-10-23: Sustainability in the IT sector: Andreas Fritsch from the research group Business Information Systems wins a grant from the Prototype Fund
2019-10-21: Seminar Talk: "What are Ontologies and why is one studying it?"
2019-10-15: Exclusive Internships at Yale University in 2020!
2019-10-11: Invited Talk: "Ein Skateboard für den Papst"
2019-10-08: Module and courses changes for the WS19/20