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Artificial intelligence methods for the optimisation of optical networks, given the example of a smart city

Contact: Michael Färber

Project Status: active

Involved Persons
Tobias Käfer, Michael Färber, Anna Nguyen, Tarek Saier, Kristian Noullet, Andreas Ronellenfitsch, Chen Shao


from: 1 November 2020
until: 31 Oktober 2023
Funding: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)


NokiaKIT-IPQVPI PhotonicsATESIOTelemaxx

Research Group

Web Science

Area of Research

Artificial Intelligence

Publications Belonging to the Project
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Daniel Bogdoll, Patrick Matalla, Christoph Füllner, Christian Raack, Shi Li, Tobias Käfer, Stefan Orf, Marc René Zofka, Finn Sartoris, Christoph Schweikert, Thomas Pfeiffer, André Richter, Sebastian Randel, Rene Bonk
Kiglis: Smart Networks for Smart Cities
Proceedings of the IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), IEEE, September, 2021

Chen Shao, Elias Giacoumidis, Shi Li, Jialei Li, Michael Färber, Tobias Käfer, André Richter
A Novel Machine Learning-based Equalizer for a Downstream 100G PAM-4 PON
Proceedings of the 2024 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC'24), IEEE

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