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ONE4ALL project

Contact: Sanja Lazarova-Molnar, Manuel Goetz, Atieh Khodadadi

Project Status: active


ONE4ALL project started in January 2023 and will end in December 2026. It has been financed by the Horizon Europe Programme for approximately 6 million Euros. The project aims to boost manufacturing plants’ transformation, especially small and medium sized enterprises, towards industry 5.0 (I5.0), reinforcing their resilience under unexpected changes in social needs. It is done through a human-and-sustainability-centred development of plug-and-produce reconfigurable cyber-physical production modules (RCPMs). Those will consist of self-reconfigurable mobile collaborative robots embedded with IIOT devices for real-time monitorisation and interconnectivity. The potential of ONE4ALL will be demonstrated in two relevant environments from different sectors (agri-food and pharmaceutical), both highly affected by disruption given their high and fluctuant demand and not fully impacted yet by I5.0 transformations.

Involved Persons


from: 1 Januar 2023
Funding: Horizon Europe

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