Dominik Heid

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  • M.Sc. Dominik Heid

  • FZI-Mitarbeiter
  • Tel.:+49 721 9654-357
  • Email: heid∂fzi de

Hi, I'm Dominik!

I currently work as a researcher at FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik in the group TKS Technisch Kognitive Systeme. During my mechanical engineering studies at KIT, I focused on robotics and cognitive systems, which led me to develop an interest in autonomous driving and consequently to FZI. Here, I work on different autonomous driving applications, while my research focuses on deep learning and computer vision topics.

If you are a student and interested in a Hiwi position or a thesis in the autonomous driving area, please feel free to reach out to me via email.

Hiwi positions:

Vernetztes und kooperatives Fahren im innerstädtischen Umfeld

Programmierung von Software in ROS zur Kommunikation zwischen Wechselverkehrszeichen und autonomen Shuttlebussen

Maschinelles Lernen