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Please encrypt your email communication, e.g. using PGP [1] ! Please use my public key [2] .

Areas of research I am interested in:
  • Knowledge Graph-based Web Applications
  • Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) on the Web
  • Transparent and verifiable data and its processing

On the techical side of things, I work with:
  • Web technologies for semantic knowledge representation (Knowledge Graphs, RDF, OWL)
  • the Solid Project (, which empowers users to regain control over their online data
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) in the context of Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI)


An overview of my publications is available here, at Google Scholar or ORCiD.


You can find the code I publish on my Github.

Open Theses Topics
Thema4873Dezentrale transparente Datenverarbeitung zwischen Unternehmen
Thema4874Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) on the Web
Thema4883Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Knowledge Graphs on the Web
Thema4996Digital Identity Wallets in SSI: Evaluating standard conformance of existing products

Topics in the area of Semantic Web and Linked Data or on Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain are possible, just shoot me an email with your resumee, transcript of records and a short motivation.

Active Projects
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Research area
Linked Data, Knowledge Representation And Reasoning, Semantic Web Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Web, Blockchain, Solid