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Security & Compliance Automation

Contact: Ali Sunyaev, Sebastian Lins, Malte Greulich

Project Status: completed


The research group cii is working together with SAP SE to take on the challenges of an ever-increasing number of certifications that cloud services have to fulfil. The project ‘Security &Compliance Automation’ supports this process and explores ways to automate compliance management processes and certification procedures, which, in the long run, should help reducing the effort needed to comply with diverse certification requirements. The project can be regarded as follow-up of the Next Generation Certification (NGCert) project and applies learnings and insights into practice. Throughout the project, we will analyze and validate the compliance master data management approach, propose suitable data visualizations, and define requirements on a self-audited compliance system. The goal is also to define automated test procedures and audit rules, and accompany a proof of concept for compliance automation.

Involved Persons
Ali Sunyaev, Sebastian Lins, Malte Greulich



Research Group

Critical Information Infrastructures

Area of Research

Cloud Computing

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