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Research group "Cooperative Autonomous Systems" is performing applied research on the aspects of coordination, cooperation and communication between autonomous or highly automated vehicles, vulnerable road users and transportation infrastructure in complex environments. We are working on design and evaluation of vehicular communication (V2X) protocols, testing and validation of cooperative automated driving functions, such as platooning, development of new concepts for road transport coordination in cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS). We are interested in a transdisciplinary future mobility research and experiments in a real-world lab.

Open Positions
Student Assistant (HiWi) Student Assistant Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles
Student Assistant (HiWi) Student Assistant in Research on Autonomous Vehicles
Ph.D. PhD Student/ Research Assistant (f/m/d) for the Requirements of Future Connected and Automated Mobility
Postdoc Postdoc Positions in the Research Group Cooperative Autonomous Systems

Courses & Seminars

We offer the following courses and seminars:

Active Projects

Head of Research Group

Alexey Vinel

Postdoctoral Researchers

Manuel Bied

Min-Bin Lin (jointly with SYDSEN)

Maximilian Schrapel

Jianxin Zhao

Guest PhD Students

Domenico Mario Zappalà

Mateus Martinez de Lucena

Alexey Rolich

External PhD Students

Lei Wan

Min Hee Jo

Antonio Santos da Silva

Student Assistants

Ludivine Morales

External Advisors

Dieter Fiems

Former Group Member

Thomas Graf