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Knowledge Pool Computer Systems

Contact: Hartmut Schmeck

Project Status: completed


The Knowledge Pool of Computing Systems is a nation-wide Internet-based system of multimedia teaching and learning modules for the support of the studies and further education in the field of knowledge technical computer science. The project's goal is to supply a pool of smaller modules (manuscripts,exercises, solutions, scientific work, forums, practical courses etc.). Subjects are edited with regard to technical, formative and didacticalaspects by 12 cooperating universities and evaluated continuously by partners from the industry. A uniform design according to predefined guidelines is aimed as well as at longer term the complete conversion to multilingualness. This represents a good basis for a later European Union promotion.

Involved Persons
André Wiesner, Hartmut Schmeck


from: 1 April 2001
until: 31 März 2004
Funding: BMBF

Research Group

Efficient Algorithms

Area of Research

E-learning, Virtual University, Teaching Modules, Learning Modules

Publications Belonging to the Project
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Ulrike Lucke, André Wiesner, Hartmut Schmeck
XML: Nur ein neues Schlagwort? Zum Nutzen von XML in Lehr- und Lernsystemen
It+ti. Informationstechnik und Technische Informatik, pages 211-216, April, 2002

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Franz Weitl, André Wiesner, Elfriede Kelp
XML based content and its integration into existing e-learning solutions: results and consequences of a survey
Proc. of the World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications(edmedia 2002), June 24-29 2002, Denver, Colorado, USA, pages: 2040-2041, AACE

Franz Weitl, André Wiesner
Mediendidaktische Aufbereitung von Vorlesungsinhalten für das Online-Lernen
structured eLearning: Wissenswerkstatt Rechensysteme, pages: 23-32, Djamschid Tavangarian, Ulrike Lucke, März, 2004

André Wiesner, Hartmut Schmeck, Franz Weitl
Strategien zur Distribution und Integration XML-basierter Lehr- und Lernmodule
Structured eLearning: Wissenswerkstatt Rechensysteme, pages: 59-69, Djamshid Tavangarian, Ulrike Lucke, März, 2004

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