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Hello, I'm Tobias!

I studied computer science (BA, MA) between 2010-2016 at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and I joined FZI Research Center for Information Technology (Karlsruhe) in 2017. My research interests include all topics related to probabilistic sensor fusion for connected automated driving. My focus lies on camera and lidar processing, camera geometry, data association, multi object tracking, sensor fusion between automated vehicles and intelligent traffic infrastructure.

Open HIWI Positions and Theses

Are you interested in finding a HIWI-Job and/or a BA-/MA-Thesis? Contact me for more information by sending a mail to tobias fleck∂fzi de with the following information: CV, completed (grades) and/or upcoming university courses, 1-2 sentences with your research interests. If you don't find any position that fit's your scope, feel free to send me an initiative application with a short description of your interest!

Open BA/MA Positions

1. Conception and development of a sensorfusion algorithm for calibrated smart cameras in the "Test Area Autonomous Driving Baden-Württemberg (TAF-BW)".

2. Conception and development of a self-localization algorithm for an automated vehicle utilizing roadside sensor support

3. Conception and development of a track-level fusion algorithm of trajectories from multiple smart cameras

4. Conception and development of an object detection algorithm in a dynamic vision sensor (DVS) stream

5. Conception and development of an object fusion algorithm in an autonomous vehicle utilizing perception information from internal and roadside sensors

Open HIWI Positions

1. Algorithm Development for Multi Object Tracking (MOT) Multi Object Tracking

2. Support/Maintainance/Extension of a mobile sensor unit (camera, 3D lidar, thermal camera) ITSC-2022-Paper

3. Simulation of sensor data for connected autonomous driving with intelligent roadside sensors using the CARLA simulator


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Multi Object Tracking (MOT), Sensorfusion, Autonomous Driving, Distributed Sensorfusion, Perception, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Asscoiation, Track Fusion, Optimization, Random Finite Sets, Filtering, Estimation, Smoothing