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A Research Agenda for Interoperability Concepts between Distributed Ledgers

Michelle Mei-Li Pfister

Informationen zur Arbeit

Abschlussarbeitstyp: Bachelor
Betreuer: Ali SunyaevNiclas Kannengießer
Forschungsgruppe: Critical Information Infrastructures

Archivierungsnummer: 4206
Abschlussarbeitsstatus: Abgeschlossen
Beginn: 01. Oktober 2018
Abgabe: 11. März 2019

Weitere Informationen

Recently distributed ledger technology (DLT) has gained popularity in both research and industry. Even though existing literature mostly mentions DLT in the context of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, DLT is applicable to many use cases through its properties of storing data immutably, transparently and auditable. The increasing number of possible applications and tailored distributed ledgers to meet the needs of different applications leads to the existence of many different distributed ledgers. Connecting these distributed ledgers poses a challenge for DLT in the future, because distributed ledgers currently cannot communicate securely with each other. Such interoperability between distributed ledgers is important to provide more flexibility and richer functionality to the user and enhance scalability and extensibility of existing distributed ledgers. This thesis contributes to interoperability between distributed ledgers by giving an overview on existing interoperability concepts and comparing interoperability concepts regarding their properties: applicability, security and performance. Furthermore, this thesis identifies constraints on properties of interoperability concepts and proposes a research agenda to guide further research.