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Publikationen von Radina Sofronova


Russa Biswas, Radina Sofronova, Mehwish Alam, Nicolas Heist, Heiko Paulheim, Harald Sack
Do Judge an Entity by Its Name! Entity Typing Using Language Models
In Ruben Verborgh, Anastasia Dimou, Aidan Hogan, Claudia d'Amato, Ilaria Tiddi, Arne Bröring, Simon Maier, Femke Ongenae, Riccardo Tommasini, Mehwish Alam, The Semantic Web: ESWC 2021 Satellite Events, Seiten: 65-70, Springer International Publishing, 12739, Cham, Juni, 2021

Russa Biswas, Radina Sofronova, Mehwish Alam, Harald Sack
Contextual Language Models For Knowledge Graph Completion
In Mehwish Alam, Mehdi Ali, Paul Groth, Pascal Hitzler, Jens Lehmann, Heiko Paulheim, Achim Rettinger, Harald Sack, Afshin Sadeghi, Volker Tresp, Machine Learning with Symbolic Methods and Knowledge Graphs co-located with European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML PKDD 2021), CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2997, Online, November, 2021

Russa Biswas, Radina Sofronova, Harald Sack, Mehwish Alam
Cat2Type: Wikipedia Category Embeddings for Entity Typing in Knowledge Graphs
Cat2Type: Wikipedia Category Embeddings for Entity Typing in Knowledge Graphs, Seiten: 81-88, ACM DL, Dezember, 2021

Russa Biswas, Radina Sofronova, Mehwish Alam, Harald Sack
Entity Type Prediction in Knowledge Graphs using Embeddings
Proceedings of International Workshop on Deep Learning for Knowledge Graphs co-located with ESWC 2020, CEUR, 2635

Radina Sofronova, Russa Biswas, Mehwish Alam, Harald Sack
Entity Typing based on RDF2Vec using Supervised and Unsupervised Methods (Best Poster Award)
Proceedings of the 16th Extended Semantic Web Conference, P&D Track (ESWC 2020), Seiten: 203-207, Springer, 12124, Juni, 2020

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