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The Methodology of Applying Machine Learning: Problem Definition, Task Decomposition and Technique Selection. Workshop at the AAAI-98/ ICML-98. Madison, WI, july 27th, 1998

Published: 1998
Verlag: AAAI-Press technical report WS-98-16

Following the tradition of workshops on application of Machine Learning that took place last years, this year a combined ICML/AAAI 98 workshop took place in Madison, Wisconsin. Where the ICML-97 workshop was focussed on real applications, this years workshop sought to proceed along these lines and extend the focus to the structure behind such applications. Questions where raised like: is there a possibility to find such structures, if so, which general structure can be found and how can they be described? Does our knowledge of structure in application processes aim us at new topics? Which topics should be raised, or are important? The one-days workshop program finally consisted of 8 accepted papers of which 7 where actually presented, and a total of 4 invited speakers let their lights shine on several topics concerning the process of application of ML. At the end of the day there was a discussion session that reflected on issues that rose during the presentations (which meant a slight change of program as it was originally defined).