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Crowdsourcing tasks in Linked Data management

Published: 2011 November
Verlag: -
Organisation: Workshop on Consuming Linked Data COLD 2012, co-located with the 10th International Web Conference ISWC2011

Many aspects of Linked Data management - including exposing legacy data and applications to semantic formats, designing vocabularies to describe RDF data, identifying links between entities, query processing, and data curation - are necessarily tackled through the combination of human effort with algorithmic techniques. In the literature on traditional data management the theoretical and technical groundwork to realize and manage such combinations is being established. In this paper we build upon and extend these ideas to propose a framework by which human and computational intelligence can co-exist by augmenting existing Linked Data and Linked Service technology with crowdsourcing functionality. Starting from a motivational scenario we introduce a set of generic tasks which may feasibly be approached using crowdsourcing platforms such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, explain how these tasks can be decomposed and translated into MTurk projects, and roadmap the extensions to SPARQL, D2RQ/R2R and Linked Data browsing that are required to achieve this vision.

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