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Personalized Access to Distributed Learning Repositories

Contact: n.a.

Project Status: completed

Involved Persons
Julien Tane, Christoph Schmitz, Gerd Stumme, Rudi Studer


from: April 2001
until: August 2003


Learning Lab Lower Saxony (bmb+f)

Research Group

Web Science

Area of Research

E-learning, Text Mining, Formal Concept Analysis, Web-based Learning

Publications Belonging to the Project
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Wolfgang Nejdl, Martin Wolpers, Wolf Siberski, Christoph Schmitz, Mario Schlosser, Ingo Brunkhorst, Alexander Löser
Super-Peer-Based Routing Strategies for RDF-Based Peer-to-Peer Networks
Journal of Web Semantics, 1, (2), Februar, 2004

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Wolfgang Nejdl, Boris Wolf, Steffen Staab, Julien Tane
EDUTELLA: Searching and Annotating Resources within an RDF-based P2P Network
Semantic Web Workshop, WWW02 Conference, Hawai, USA

Wolfgang Nejdl, Martin Wolpers, Wolf Siberski, Christoph Schmitz, Mario Schlosser, Ingo Brunkhorst, Alexander Löser
Super-peer-based routing and clustering strategies for RDF-based peer-to-peer networks
Proc. 12th International World Wide Web Conference. Budapest, 20.-24.5.2003, pages: 536-543

Viktor Pekar, Steffen Staab
Taxonomy Learning - Factoring the structure of a taxonomy into a semantic classification decision
Proceedings of the 19th Conference on Computational Linguistics, COLING-2002, August 24 - September 1, 2002 , Taipei, Taiwan, 2002

Christoph Schmitz, Steffen Staab, Rudi Studer, Gerd Stumme, Julien Tane
Accessing Distributed Learning Repositories through a Courseware Watchdog
Proceedings of E-Learn 2002: World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education, October 15-19 2002, Montreal, Canada, pages: 909-915

Christoph Schmitz, Steffen Staab, Christoph Tempich
Socialisation in Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management
In K. Tochtermann and H. Maurer, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Knowledge Management (I-KNOW'04), pages: 35-42, Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS), Graz, Austria, Juni, 2004

Julien Tane, Christoph Schmitz, Gerd Stumme, Steffen Staab, Rudi Studer
The Courseware Watchdog: an Ontology-based tool for finding and organizing learning material
Fachtagung Mobiles Lernen und Forschen, 6.11.2003, Universität Kassel

Julien Tane, Christoph Schmitz, Gerd Stumme
Semantic Resource Management for the Web: An ELearning Application
In Stuart Feldman and Michael Uretsky, Proc. 13th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2004) (Alternate Track Papers & Posters), ACM, New York City, Mai, 2004

Julien Tane, Wolf Siberski, Wolfgang Nejdl, Bernd Simon
Towards a Modification Exchange Language for Distributed RDF Repositories
Proc. of the First International Semantic Web Conference 2002 (ISWC 2002), June 9-12 2002, Sardinia, Ital, pages: 236-249, Springer, LNCS, 2342

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Alexander Maedche, Viktor Pekar, Steffen Staab
Ontology Learning Part One - On Discoverying Taxonomic Relations from the Web
In Ning Zhong et al. (eds), Web Intelligence, Springer, 2002

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