Next Generation Service Delivery Frameworks for Cloud-based Business Networks

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Internet of Services: The Successes, the Failures, the Future

Kolloquium Angewandte Informatik

Alistair Barros recently was appointed the Smart Services CRC Chair of Services Science at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia. Before that he was the global entrepreneur for the "Internet of Services" project at SAP Research and responsible for shaping an idea that influenced service research on a broad scale.

Next-generation of service-oriented architecture (SOA) needs to scale for flexible service consumption, beyond organizational and application boundaries, into communities, ecosystems and business networks. In wider and, ultimately, global settings, new capabilities are needed so that business partners can efficiently and reliably enable, adapt and expose services. Services, as such, can then be discovered, ordered, consumed, metered and paid for, through new applications and opportunities, driven by third-parties in the global “village”. This talk will provide insights into different service-based hubs and ecosystems that are commercially available. It will then discuss an architectural strategy that extends the Web Services Architecture, for leveraging these different forms into Cloud-based business networks. As a result, it will provide some detailed insights into technical middleware needs of a next generation Service Delivery Framework.

(Prof. Dr. Alistair Barros)

Start: 06. Juli 2011 um 15:45
Ende: 06. Juli 2011 um 16:45

Im Gebäude 11.40, Raum: 231

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Veranstalter: Forschungsgruppe(n) Ökonomie und Technologie der eOrganisation