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Automated Sustainability Compliance Checking Using Process Mining and Formal Logic

Veröffentlichung: 2020 Juni
Art der Veröffentlichung: ICT4S Doctoral Symposium

Business processes need to have certain constraints such that they can lead to sustainable outcomes. These constraints can be manifold and their adherence has to be monitored. In the past compliance checking has been applied in several business domains without considering certain sustainability aspects, such as multi-dimensionality and impact level. With my research I want to contribute to the application of compliance checking techniques for the purpose of sustainability compliance. In order to achieve this, I want to analyse and develop data-driven approaches, which allow to automate the task of compliance checking. The way in which this can be achieved, is be combining methods from process mining with formal languages that can express sustainability rules in a machine-readable manner. The main goal is to develop a compliance engine that can be adapted by ERP systems in order to evaluate sustainability conformance in business processes.


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