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Modeling Network Lifetime in a Wireless Sensor Network using VisualSense.

Veröffentlichung: 2009 April
Art der Veröffentlichung: Ptolemy Miniconference, Poster Session, University of California, Berkeley.

[[Abstract::There are many QoS metrics that could be used to measure the performance of a network, elapse time and throughput are two of the most common ones, but in a wireless sensor network -due to its battery power resource limitations-, its lifetime has become one of the most relevant metrics. Network Lifetime is normally used as an optimization parameter, where a larger lifetime will be better, but in some applications could be even more interesting to consider network lifetime as a constrain, in order to warrant a minimum operation lifetime that enables the network to reach its goals [Min04], [Ami07]. The recent advances on micro electronics, wireless communications, and battery technology have enabled some devices to operate with common batteries in large periods of time, that range from some days to some months, and even years. Developing real experiments to evaluate the impact of implemented strategies on this time scale can be impractical. Due to this fact a better strategy would be to develop analytical or simulation model to determine if a wireless sensor network would perform a reliable operation through the whole period of time that will be needed. In this work we describe some techniques and strategies that we are using to model a wireless sensor networks lifetime with the support of VisualSense-PtolemyII modeling tool.]]

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