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About Marc Uecker

Marc Uecker studied computer science with a minor in automotive engineering at Darmstadt University of Technology until 2021. During his master's studies, he focused on machine learning, computer vision and autonomous driving. He conducted his master's thesis "Development of a Method for the Fusion of Environment Perception Sensor Data for an Automated Vehicle" at the Institute of Automotive Engineering.

Since January 2022, Marc Uecker has been working as a research associate at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in the department of Technical Cognitive Systems (TKS).

His main research area is 3D perception for autonomous vehicles. Here, he specializes in sensor setup-agnostic 3D perception with lidar sensor technology, as well as its real-time capable implementation in vehicles.

Open Bachelor/Master Theses and Hiwi Positions

If you are interested in a thesis or HiWi job, please use the provided contact e-mail address, or (if applicable) send an application via the linked page. Topics are negotiated according to candidate interests. There are almost always open positions available, even if not listed explicitly. Unsolicited applications in the field of environment perception or sensor calibration are encouraged at any time.

Research area
Parallel Algorithms, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence