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Linked Services: Composition of Linked Data based REST Webservices

Contact: Steffen Stadtmüller

Project Status: completed
Project: Software Campus


It is the goal of LiSKo to develop and analyse methods for the reduction of the manual effort to use and integrate APIs on the Web. These methods include the development and implementation of APIs as well as approaches for the interaction with these APIs. An engine for the automated execution of such interactions with integrated Web APIs will be developed.

Involved Persons
Steffen Stadtmüller, Rudi Studer


from: 1 Januar 2013
until: 31 Dezember 2014
Funding: BMBF



Research Group

Web Science

Publications Belonging to the Project
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Steffen Stadtmüller, Barry Norton
Scalable Discovery of Linked APIs
Int. J. of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies, 8, (2), pages 95-105, 2013

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Benedikt Kämpgen, Steffen Stadtmüller, Andreas Harth
Querying the Global Cube: Integration of Multidimensional Datasets from the Web
EKAW 2014, pages: 250-265, Springer International Publishing, Sweden

Steffen Stadtmüller, Sebastian Speiser, Andreas Harth
Future Challenges for Linked APIs
Proceedings of the ESWC 2013 Workshop on Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data, CEUR-WS

Steffen Stadtmüller, Sebastian Speiser, Martin Junghans, Andreas Harth
Comparing Major Web Service Paradigms
Proceedings of the ESWC 2013 Workshop on Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data. Montpellier, France, May 26, 2013., pages: 28-35, CEUR-WS, 1056, Mai, 2013

Steffen Stadtmüller, Sebastian Speiser, Andreas Harth, Rudi Studer
Data-Fu: A Language and an Interpreter for Interaction with Read/Write Linked Data
Proceedings of the 22nd international conference on World Wide Web, pages: 1225-1236, International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee, Republic and Canton of Geneva, Switzerland

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