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A Full-Fledged Framework for Combining Entity Linking Systems and Components

A Full-Fledged Framework for Combining Entity Linking Systems and Components

Published: 2023

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 12th Knowledge Capture Conference (K-CAP'23)
Verlag: ACM

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Named entity recognition and disambiguation, often referred to as entity linking systems, refers to the task of automatically identifying knowledge graph entities in text documents. While a variety of entity linking systems based on very different approaches exist, these systems implicitly share certain processing steps in their pipeline. Despite this fact, they have been mainly used as stand-alone solutions. In this paper, we propose a framework for combining entity linking methods. This allows multiple entity linking systems and especially their components to be used in combination to an unlimited extent, thus allowing to achieve the best possible performance. In addition, the framework allows user-developed entity linking systems or components to be easily tested and automatically evaluated against other systems without having to set up other systems first. Essentially, our framework is knowledge graph agnostic and entity linking systems can be compared across knowledge graphs. Furthermore, our framework enables entity linking method or component recommendation, supporting the goal of achieving the best performance in a given context. We demonstrate that non-domain-expert users are able to deploy the framework within minutes and integrate unknown homebrew systems into it in less than an hour. Our framework is fully open source and available on GitHub along with Docker containers and tutorials (incl. Jupyter Notebooks).

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Web Science


Wissensrepräsentation, Text Mining, WWW Systeme