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Explaining Convolutional Neural Networks by Tagging Filters

Explaining Convolutional Neural Networks by Tagging Filters

Published: 2022

Buchtitel: Proceedings of AIMLAI∂CIKM'22
Verlag: CEUR

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Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have achieved astonishing performance on various image classification tasks, but it is difficult for humans to understand how a classification comes about. Recent literature proposes methods to explain the classification process to humans. These focus mostly on visualizing feature maps and filter weights, which are not very intuitive for non-experts. In this paper, we propose FilTag, an approach to effectively explain CNNs even to non-experts. The idea is that if images of a class frequently activate a convolutional filter, that filter will be tagged with that class. Based on the tagging, individual image classifications can then be intuitively explained using the tags of the filters that the input image activates. Finally, we show that the tags are useful in analyzing classification errors caused by noisy input images and that the tags can be further processed by machines.

Download: Media:FilTag_AIMLAI-CIKM2022.pdf


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