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Towards Privacy in Monitored Shared Environments

Towards Privacy in Monitored Shared Environments

Published: 2015 September
Herausgeber: Jürgen Beyerer, Andreas Meissner, Jürgen Geisler
Buchtitel: 10th Future Security Conference 2015 (Future Security 2015)
Seiten: 469-472
Verlag: Fraunhofer

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Due to the emergence of inexpensive sensor hardware and bigger energy awareness, an increasing number of environments are being monitored, particularly with respect to energy consumption. However these (often private) environments are occupied by many tenants whose actions and behavior is reflected in the energy and sensor data. Applying data mining technologies, the recorded data can be abused for surveillance of the tenants. In order to reduce the privacy impact, an effective access control enforced by the monitoring and visualization system needs to be designed. This work presents a prototype implementation of an active protection against surveillance from fellow tenants.

ISBN: 978-3-8396-0908-8
ISSN: 2364-3986
Download: Media:Future Security 2015 - Towards Privacy In Shared Environments.pdf




Effiziente Algorithmen


Energieinformatik, Sicherheit