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Kalpana - Enabling Client-side Web Personalization

Kalpana - Enabling Client-side Web Personalization

Published: 2008 Juni
Herausgeber: Erik Duval
Buchtitel: Proceedings of HT'08 - Hypertext 2008
Verlag: ACM
Erscheinungsort: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Organisation: ACM

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A growing number of websites are recognizing the value of personalization based on a user's context and social network. As more websites become personalized, the resulting experience for users can be rather fragmented. We aim to facilitate a seamless Web personalization experience across websites by enabling personalization to take place at the client and thus allowing personal information about people to reside locally with people. If websites are to script a personalization experience that draws on information held by the user, it is imperative that this information be easily comprehensible by heterogeneous websites. In this paper, we demonstrate how Semantic Web technologies can be used to realize a vision of client-side Web personalization. The contribution of this paper is an architecture that demonstrates the feasibility of our approach and a prototype implementation that establishes its viability.

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