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Finding Relevant Publications in Bibliographical Databases with Social Networks

Finding Relevant Publications in Bibliographical Databases with Social Networks

Published: 2007 Mai
Herausgeber: Bill Richards
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 8th European Social Network Conference
Erscheinungsort: Corfu Island, Griechenland
Organisation: International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA)

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Finding relevant publications to a certain topic is the classical information retrieval problem. Although good retrieval tools exist solving this problem is getting harder and harder due to the mass of information and the rapid growth of the number of scientific workers. The portal and the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography include more than 2,000,000 and 850,000 publications, respectively, from more than 450,000 authors. They are major services used by thousands of computer scientists which provide fundamental support for scientists searching for publications or other scientists in similar communities. In this paper we describe a user friendly interface which plays the central role in searching authors and publications and analysing social networks on the basis of bibliographical data. With the help of a sofisticated combination of direct search and browsing through the data, the visualisation of social networks based on co-authors, cited-by, conferences, etc., respectively, is the vital principle for finding publications which are relevant to the user. After introducing the concept of multi-mode social networks, the DBL-Browser itself and various methods for multi-layered browsing through social networks are described.




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