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Knowledge Engineering via Human Computation

Veröffentlicht: November 2013
Herausgeber: Pietro Michelucci
Buchtitel: Handbook of Human Computation
Seiten: 131-151
Verlag: Springer
Erscheinungsort / Ort: New York
Edition: 1

In this chapter, we will analyze a number of essential knowledge engineering activities that, for technical or principled reasons, can hardly be optimally executed through automatic processing approaches, thus remaining heavily reliant on human intervention. Human computation methods can be applied to this field in order to overcome these limitations in terms of accuracy, while still being able to fully take advantage of the scalability and performance of machine-driven capabilities. For each activity, we will explain how this symbiosis can be achieved by giving a short overview of the state of the art and several examples of systems and applications such as games-with-a-purpose, microtask crowdsourcing projects, and community-driven collaborative initiatives that showcase the benefits of the general idea.