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Networks of Knowledge in the Grid

Contact: Sudhir Agarwal

Project Status: completed


The project WisNetGrid is developing a service layer for the content, in order to create a shared knowledge space, "a common language” within the D-Grid infrastructure, based on the virtual technical layer composed of the common hardware resources of the D-Grid.

Involved Persons
Sudhir Agarwal, Martin Junghans, Steffen Stadtmüller, Carolin Michels, Rudi Studer


from: 1 Juli 2009
until: 1 Juni 2012
Funding: BMBF im Rahmen der Förderinitiative D-Grid

Research Group

Web Science

Publications Belonging to the Project
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Sudhir Agarwal, Martin Junghans
Swapping out Coordination of Web Processes to the Web Browser
Proceedings of the 9th IEEE European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS), IEEE, Zypern, Dezember, 2010

Sudhir Agarwal, Martin Junghans, René Jäkel
Semantic Modeling of Services and Workflows for German Grid Projects
In CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Grid Workflow Workshop 2011, Springer, März, 2011

Sudhir Agarwal, Martin Junghans
Meaningful Service Classifications for Flexible Service Descriptions
Proceedings of The 7th IEEE 2011 World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2011), IEEE, Washington DC, Juli, 2011

Sudhir Agarwal
iBookmarks: Synthesis and Execution of Solution Templates for efficient Usage of recurring Web-Process Combinations
Fifth IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing, IEEE, Stanford, USA, September, 2011

Martin Junghans, Sudhir Agarwal
Efficient Search for Web Browsing Recipes
2013 IEEE 20th International Conference on Web Services, Santa Clara, CA, USA, June 28 - July 3, 2013, pages: 451-458, IEEE, Juni, 2013

Martin Junghans, Sudhir Agarwal, Rudi Studer
Behavior Classes for Specification and Search of Complex Services and Processes
In Carole A. Goble and Peter P. Chen and Jia Zhang, 2012 IEEE 19th International Conference on Web Services, Honolulu, HI, USA, June 24-29, 2012, pages: 343-350, IEEE, Juni, 2012

Carolin Michels, Sudhir Agarwal
Elicitation of Preferences for Web Service Compositions
Proceedings of Informatik 2010, Köllen Verlag, GI-Edition: Lecture Notes in Informatics, Bonn

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Sudhir Agarwal, René Jäkel, Martin Junghans, Steffen Metzger, Bernd Schuller
Untersuchung und Vergleich von bestehenden Workflow Werkzeugen bzgl. der Anforderungen
Institute AIFB, KIT, Karlsruhe, WisNetGrid Project Deliverable, Juni, 2011

Martin Junghans, Sudhir Agarwal
Entwicklung von Methoden und Werkzeugen für Workflowmodellierung und -Ausführung
Institute AIFB, KIT, Karlsruhe, WisNetGrid Project Deliverable, März, 2012

Martin Junghans, Sudhir Agarwal
Wissensnetzwerke im Grid (WisNetGrid) - Evaluierung der Suchfunktion
Institute AIFB, KIT, Karlsruhe, WisNetGrid Project Deliverable, Juni, 2011

Martin Junghans, Steffen Stadtmüller
Wissensnetzwerke im Grid (WisNetGrid) - Prototypische Implementierung des Schlussfolgerungs- und Vermittlungsdienstes
Institute AIFB, KIT, Karlsruhe, WisNetGrid Project Deliverable, Juni, 2011

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