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Knowledge Graphs for Robots’ Situational Awareness

Informationen zur Arbeit

Abschlussarbeitstyp: Bachelor, Master, Diplom
Betreuer: Michael Färber
Forschungsgruppe: Web Science
Partner: BMW
Archivierungsnummer: 4977
Abschlussarbeitsstatus: Offen
Beginn: 01. Januar 2023
Abgabe: unbekannt

Weitere Informationen

In this thesis, the student will address the research questions

(R1) What is the status quo of existing KGs in ontology-based projects for robot autonomy?

(R2) How predisposed are the KGs of the ontology-based projects for robot autonomy to support situational awareness of mobile robots operating in a manufacturing environment?

To answer these questions, the student will study and compare existing KGs and apply them in the above described scenario.

This thesis will be conducted in collaboration with the BMW Group (contract for the thesis possible if the student works in Munich).

Ausschreibung: Download (pdf)