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Implementation-based Performance Evaluation of Distributed Ledger Technology for Personal Health Data

Konstantin Knieps

Information on the Thesis

Type of Final Thesis: Bachelor
Supervisor: Tobias DehlingProf. Dr. Hannes HartensteinProf. Dr. Ali Sunyaev
Research Group: Critical Information Infrastructures

Archive Number: 4.374
Status of Thesis: Completed
Date of start: 2019-11-15
Date of submission: 2019-02-15

Further Information

The sharing of electronic medical data over the internet poses a challenge for modern Healthcare Information Systems, due to security concerns. A possible solution is the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which enables the secure synchronization of digital data over a peer-to-peer network through the establishment of consensus. This could compensate for the missing level of security, which is expected when dealing with sensitive information. In this thesis, the use case of providing a patient-centered record for medical documents is explored in a practical manner, by proposing a prototype based on DLT. The prototype is subsequently evaluated using a benchmark framework and optimized under the aspect of performance. For development, the DLT framework Hyperledger Fabric is used in conjunction with Hyperledger Composer. It is concluded that the prototype does not handle scalability well, and cannot support networks with a large size, based on software limitations of Hyperledger Composer. To be viable in a real-world setting, focus on deployment in a small-scale environment is recommended, as well as solely relying on Hyperledger Fabric.