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Semantic Email Addressing

Static email lists in wide use today have a number of problems, two of which are that users have to maintain their correct email addresses in all of the ones to which they are described, and that users must know which email list(s) are likely to reach the targeted audience. This last problem is the worst since many more people are likely to receive the message than want it: spam is built-in to static email lists even as they try to avoid it. The answer to these problems and more is Semantic Email Addressing (SEAmail): the user describes semantically the target recipients and a server gathers the information from a variety of sources and sends the email only to those who match the description. In such a system, individuals maintain much of their own data descriptions, including current email address. The goal of this project is to construct a prototype of SEAmail at the KSRI based upon previous work done at Stanford University, exploring outstanding research issues.

Tasks: 1. Analysis of related literature (starting points will be given) Design of a SEAmail server and database of KSRI people Implementation of the server and database, demonstrating basic functionality. 2. Analysis of outstanding issues, especially with respect to access and security. 3. Proposal and testing of solutions to outstanding issues.

Requirements: 1. Programming skills (preferably Java or Ruby) 2. Ability to read English literature (Thesis can be written in German)

Contact: Dr. Charles Petrie (petrie∂stanford edu) and/or Dr. Sudhir Agarwal (agarwal∂kit edu)