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Product Lines in E-Learning

Published: 2005 August
Nummer: 501
Institution: University of Karlsruhe, Institute AIFB
Erscheinungsort / Ort: 76128 Karlsruhe, Germany
Bemerkung: ISBN 3-9810441-0-X
Archivierungsnummer: 988


The increasing popularity of e-learning has lead to the creation of an abundance of learning material. Very often, after the initial creation, the growing amount of content also leads to a more complicated content maintenance, since updates typically occur very often and the potential variability of modifications is not limited in advance. Moreover, commonalities between different parts of material are not exploited, which often leads to redundancy. The composition of content from different sources rarely produces satisfactory results. To help remedy this situation, this paper introduces the PROduct Lines for dIgital COntent (PROLICO) approach, which applies the concept of software product lines to digital content, and in particular, to educational material in e-learning. The PROLICO approach manages explicitly the commonalities in learning material by defining common requirements, limiting variability in advance, as well as planning and coordinating reuse.

ISBN: 3-9810441-0-X


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E-Learning, Teleteaching, Virtuelle Universität, Digitale Bibliotheken, Workflow-Management, Tele Anwendungen, Petri-Netze, Lehrmodule, Tele-Lehre, Courseware-Engineering, Software Engineering