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e-Skills Certification in Europe: Voluntary Approaches to Setting European Level Quality Standards

Published: 2005 März
Institution: Cedefop/ CEPIS
Archivierungsnummer: 948


Multiple certification programmes and systems are known in the ICT industries and other fields of application throughout Europe. Certification and quality standards in ICT education and training are extremely important for both employments in the ICT labour market and as a basis for a sustainable professional career. CEPIS studied and compared, on behalf of Cedefop, existing approaches to e-skills certification on European level. This European study compares and analyses e-skills certification systems. It wants to compare and categorise the identified systems, underlying models and approaches, providers and procedures. The survey investigates the whole range of approaches: public and private, commercial and voluntary standards for e-skills certification. The focus lies on most widely applied systems in the respondents’ countries on the one hand and takes into consideration their potential with regard to their possible contribution to convening and implementing standards throughout Europe.

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