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Software Ergonomics

Publications Belonging to the Area of Research
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Heiko Haller, Max Völkel, Felix Kugel
iMapping Wiks - Towards a Graphical Environment for Semantic Knowledge Management
In Sebastian Schaffert, Max Völkel, Stefan Decker, Proceedings of the First Workshop on Semantic Wikis -- From Wiki To Semantics, 1, Juni, 2006

Heiko Haller
iMapping - a Graphical Approach to Semi-Structured Knowledge Modelling
In Lloyd Rutledge, Proceedings of the The 3rd International Semantic Web User Interaction Workshop (SWUI2006)November, 2006

Jörg Richter, Max Völkel, Heiko Haller
DeepaMehta - A Semantic Desktop
In Stefan Decker and Jack Park and Dennis Quan and Leo Sauermann, Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on The Semantic Desktop. 4th International Semantic Web Conference (Galway, Ireland), CEUR-WS, 175, November, 2005

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Heiko Haller
QuiKey - The Smart Semantic Commandline (a Concept)
Poster and extended abstract presented at ESWC2008, Juni, 2008

Heiko Haller, Sigmar-Olaf Tergan
Organization, representation, and localization of knowledge with mapping tools
Paper presented at the 10th Biennial Conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction, August, 2003

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