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Semantic Web for Research Communities

Contact: n.a.

Project Status: completed


The SWRC is an ontology for modeling a research community, including persons, organizations, and bibliographic metadata. It is used in various projects and applications, such as Bibster, the AIFB portal, and the SemIPort projects.

Involved Persons
York Sure-Vetter, Peter Haase, Jens Hartmann, Daniel Oberle


Predecessing Project: (KA)2



Research Group

Web Science

Area of Research

Knowledge Representation And Reasoning, Semantic Web Infrastructure, Wissensmanagementsysteme, Semantic Web Services, Ontology Engineering, Semantical Annotation, Ontology Engineering, Semantic Annotation, Knowledge Portals, Ontology Learning, Semantic Web, Web Science, Ontology-based Knowledge Management Systems

Publications Belonging to the Project
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 - proceedings
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Jeen Broekstra, Marc Ehrig, Peter Haase, Frank Harmelen, Maarten Menken, Peter Mika, Björn Schnizler, Ronny Siebes
Bibster - A Semantics-Based Bibliographic Peer-to-Peer System
Proceedings of the WWW'04 Workshop on Semantics in Peer-to-Peer and Grid ComputingMai, 2004

Peter Haase, Jeen Broekstra, Marc Ehrig, Maarten Menken, Peter Mika, Michal Plechawski, Pawel Pyszlak, Björn Schnizler, Ronny Siebes, Steffen Staab, Christoph Tempich
Bibster - A Semantics-Based Bibliographic Peer-to-Peer System
In Sheila A. McIlraith and Dimitris Plexousakis and Frank van Harmelen, Proceedings of the Third International Semantic Web Conference, Hiroshima, Japan, 2004, pages: 122--136, Springer, LNCS, 3298, November, 2004

York Sure, Stephan Bloehdorn, Peter Haase, Jens Hartmann, Daniel Oberle
The SWRC Ontology - Semantic Web for Research Communities
In Carlos Bento, Amilcar Cardoso, Gael Dias, Proceedings of the 12th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence - Progress in Artificial Intelligence (EPIA 2005), pages: 218 - 231, Springer, LNCS, 3803, Covilha, Portugal, Dezember, 2005

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