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Semantic MediaWiki for Collaborative Corpora Analysis

Contact: Basil Ell

Project Status: completed


The project “A Virtual Research Environment for the History of Education based on a Semantic Wiki Technology (Semantic MediaWiki for Collaborative Corpora Analysis: SMW-CorA)” targets the development of a virtual research environment (VRE) based on Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) for a collaborative analysis of comprehensive digitised text corpora and an exemplary sustained nesting into the professional community of researchers in the history of education. Moreover, the project aims to provide for a possible further use of the enrichment and analysis works of the researchers and in the long term, an infrastructural distribution of the VRE (SMW-CorA) to other disciplines with community building. Owing to its concrete need for collaborative instruments for analysing pedagogical reference books, the domain of history of education offers a good starting point for exemplarily realising a virtual research environment. Furthermore, sound co-operations are well established in the respective community among researchers, librarians and technicians, which have for instance resulted in several digitisation projects. The VRE allows for an integration of digitised documents along with their bibliographic metadata, collaboratively analysing them in a quantitative and qualitative sense, and thus connecting the idea of Linked Data with practical research in the humanities. This eHumanities project will enable libraries to integrate results from their digitisation projects into professional discourse in terms of primary data and generate added scientific value in the chain of creating research values, by a direct semantic connection between digitised records and analytic results – as well as enabling integrated archiving. The exemplary realisation of the VRE links up to a concrete research project in the history of education, aimed at discourse and field analyses of pedagogical reference works dating from 1774 to 1942. The project will focus on three levels of analysis (dictionaries, lemmata, texts), investigating their content, scope of discourse and argument. The VRE will hence integrate the dictionaries from Scripta Paedagogica Online (SPO), hosted by the Library for the History of Education at the DIPF, which already indexes references to relevant pedagogical reference works at the level of articles, rendering them accessible online as image files. The corpus contains a total amount of nearly 22,000 articles. An iterative development of the VRE is envisaged, adjusted to the research process with agile computing, step-by-step open-source publishing, participative design by consulting the participants and empowering them to take an active part in designing the VRE, as well as requirement and demand analyses. The project receives funding from the German Research Foundation, in the domain of “Scientific Library Services and Information Systems“ (LIS).

Involved Persons
Basil Ell, Benedikt Kämpgen, Cornelia Veja, Rudi Studer, Denny Vrandecic


from: 1 Januar 2011
until: 31 Oktober 2014



Research Group

Web Science

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Basil Ell, Christoph Schindler, Marc Rittberger
Semantically enhanced interactions between heterogeneous data life-cycles: analyzing educational lexica in a virtual research environment (received best paper award)
In Emmanouel Garoufallou, Jane Greenberg, Proceedings of the 7th Metadata and Semantics Research Conference, pages: 277-288, Springer, Communications in Computer and Information Science, Thessaloniki, November, 2013

Christoph Schindler, Basil Ell, Marc Rittberger
Intra-linking the Research Corpus: Using Semantic MediaWiki as a lightweight Virtual Research Environment
In Meister, Jan Christoph; Schönert, Katrin; Lomsché, Bastian; Schernus, Wilhelm; Schüch, Lena; Stegkemper, Meike, Digital humanities 2012, pages: 359-362, Hamburg University Press, Hamburg

Christoph Schindler, Cornelia Veja, Marc Rittberger, Denny Vrandecic
How to teach digital library data to swim into research
In Chiara Ghidini, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt, and Tassilo Pellegrini, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Semantic Systems, pages: 142-149, ACM, I-Semantics '11, New York, NY, USA

Christoph Schindler, Basil Ell, Marc Rittberger
Virtual Research Environment SMW-CorA and its Capacities for Interaction in Social Science and Humanties Research – Using the Example of History of Education (received best paper award)
In H.-C. Hobohm, Informationswissenschaft zwischen virtueller Infrastruktur und materiellen Lebenswelten. Tagungsband des 13. Internationalen Symposiums der Informationswissenschaft, vwh, Glückstadt, März, 2013

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Christoph Schindler, Basil Ell
Kollaborative Analyse von historischen Netzwerken: Virtuelle Forschungsumgebung für die Historische Bildungsforschung
In Hoffmann-Ocon, Netzwerke in bildungshistorischer Perspektive, pages 142-148, Verlag Julius Klinkhardt, Bad Heilbrunn, 2013

Anna Stisser, Anne Hild, Basil Ell, Christoph Schindler
Neue Forschungswerkzeuge in der Historischen Bildungsforschung. Die virtuelle Forschungsumgebung SMW-CorA für die kollaborative Analyse und Auswertung umfangreicher digitalisierter Quellen
Jahrbuch für Historische Bildungsforschung 2013, pages 305-325, Julius Klinkhardt, Vol. Band 19 Avantgarden, Bad Heilbrunn, 2014

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Christoph Schindler, Basil Ell
Semantic MediaWiki for Collaborative Corpora Analysis: Analyzing Educational Reference Books in a Virtual Research Environment
Peer-reviewed abstract, September, 2012

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