Prof. Dr. Gio Wiederhold

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Intellectual Capital: Software innovation and its role in national economies

Kolloquium Angewandte Informatik

Software has invaded all aspects of our world. It can no longer just be viewed as a fascinating tech-nology. Software, and the products that depend on it, from watches to aircraft, social interactions, and sharing services, comprise a large fraction of modern commerce. The creators and the intel-lectual property they generate, exploit, and maintain comprise the intellectual capital, an asset that competes with the financial capital that traditional manufacturing industries rely on. I will present the flow of innovation into our national economics. Rights to profit from intellectual property are poorly documented and are easily transferred among countries. The importance of our intellectual capital is underestimated by economists and planners because the `Big Data’ they ac-cess is primarily from financial-oriented sources. As result, governmental policies to improve eco-nomic activity and the welfare of its people are often naïve and sometimes wrong. In this world computing experts have roles beyond the base technology. Biography: Gio Wiederhold was born in Italy, educated in Germany and the Netherlands, moving to the US in 1958. He obtained a PhD from the Univ. of California, San Francisco and became a professor at Stanford University in 1976. During a three-year assignment at DARPA (1991-1994) he initiated the Digital Library pro-gram, funding research that led, among others, to Google. After his formal retirement in 2001 he is serving as a government consultant on issues of software exports and their value. In 2011 Gio received an honorary DSc from the National University of Ireland in Galway. He stopped offering courses at Stanford in 2014. He has authored and coauthored 6 books and over 300 reports and papers on diverse topics and supervised 36 PhD theses. Many more details are at

(Prof. Dr. Gio Wiederhold)

Start: 23. Juni 2016 um 14:00
Ende: 23. Juni 2016 um 15:00

Im Gebäude 11.40, Raum: 231

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Veranstalter: Forschungsgruppe(n) Web Science und Wissensmanagement
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