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News of September 06, 2018

New Privacy Friendly Health App

Our family of Privacy-Friendly Apps in Health category has grown. In addition to the existing apps (Pedometer, Interval Timer and Circuit Training, Pain Dairy), now there is also a Privacy Friendly Pausing Healthily App (available in Google Play Store).The app has been developed in collaboration with a physiotherapist Eduardo Fontao. Just like the rest of our Privacy Friendly app, the Pausing Healthily only requests permissions that are necessary for its functionality (in this case, no permissions) and does not contain any tracking mechanisms, so that no (user) data is being collected. It is also free and yet does not show any ads. Privacy Friendly Pausing Healthily App makes it easier to structure your work by reminding you to take breaks during work. The app also offers many useful relaxation, mobilisation and stretching exercises that can be combined into individual programs.

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From the research group Security - Usability - Society