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News of Januar 01, 2014

AIFB-Startup SearchHaus wins EXIST-Business Startup Grant

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AIFB-Alumni Dr. Daniel Herzig and Dr. Günter Ladwig from the research group “Knowledge Management” by Prof. Studer successfully won the EXIST-Business Startup Grant by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs. The scholarship starts from January 1st 2014 and includes financial means for one year, in order to further develop their semantic search technology.

SearchHaus offers a new search technology, which semantically interprets search queries and applies them on structured data. The technology is able to easily adapt to all kind of database systems. By that it offers an intuitive way to search within the given knowledge base and thus creates great value to information driven companies. The technology behind SearchHaus is based on the research of Dr. Daniel Herzig and Dr. Günter Ladwig. Throughout the last four years, both were working in the research group “Knowledge Management” by Prof. Studer, where they wrote their dissertation on linked data and semantic search algorithms. The founders will further be mentored by Prof. Studer. The EXIST-Business Startup Grant is a great achievement on the road to success for the founders. The scholarship start from January 2014 and includes a year-long salary for the team as well as monetary funds for early investments and coaching. By that, they were given the chance to further develop the technology and business model of SearchHaus. For the future we wish our former colleagues great success on their journey!

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