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Neuigkeit vom 15. März 2022

Projektpraktikum meets Coding da Vinci - Cultural Heritage Hackathon

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This summer semester we are offering a project course in which students participate in groups at the official Coding da Vinci Culture Hackathon. Over a sprint of seven weeks the hackathon teams, together with representatives of cultural institutions and guided by tutors in the ISE group, develop working prototypes that show surprising and inspiring new ways to make use of institutions' collections and artifacts in the digital age. Students will implement their own interesting culture project by using the dataset(s) provided by Coding da Vinci. The goal is to create a project that is useful for the culture community and helps to explore and experience cultural heritage data in an interesting, innovative and fun way. This “Projektpraktikum” is furthermore a chance to network with the community of culture enthusiasts and developers while creating a working application that adds value to the community. The groups will present their work at the official Codings da Vinci kick-off event and the award ceremony.

Weitere Infos unter: Praktikum Coding da Vinci - Cultural Heritage Hackathon/en

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